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Sunday, August 29, 2004

More Scooter Shopping-

Friday was my day off and so I used some of the time to explore a couple more scooter stores in Salt Lake City. The first was right down by the university, so parking was a chore but the shop, Eco Moto, turned out to be easy to find and a fun place to visit. The mechanic was out in the grass in front building up one of theseTidal Force electric beach cruisers while his black lab puppy played in the sunshine and smiled for all the coeds passing by.

But I was there to see the TN'G scooters that I had seen advertised in the paper and the scooters were inside, so in I went. The young fellow inside was pleased to show off his Del Ray and Milano 125cc scooters, though he did run off presently to catch a flight for his weekend in California.

The two scoots are identical under the skin with the exception that the Del Ray has a foot brake for the rear stoppers instead of two handlevers. There's also a brand new 150cc Milano which Eco Moto did not have on display. They had received and sold their first one in less than a week. The sales guy informed me that this newest model had been raised 4 inches higher, making sitting on the bike and touching the ground difficult for all but the tallest riders. Later I found out more about why.

Anyway, these are very nice looking scooters. They are manufactured in China but under contract for CMSI, a company out of the Pacific northwest. The name, TN'G stands for Twist N' Go!

Again, I didn't ride either of the scooters, though it was a strong consideration with no spousal objections to overcome but I didn't. The Del Ray is apparently being phased out and so their was the strong suggestion of a really god deal if I was interested in the store's last one, which was the display and demo model. Both models were already marked down to $2095, a $100 reduction from the retail and I gathered that I might be able to have that pretty blue Del Ray for something close to $2000 total.

I actually preferred the Del Ray's styling over the Milano with 2 exceptions. The trunk mounted high brake light has some circuitry built in that makes a swirly little blinky pattern all the time and only turns solid lit when the brakes are applied. There are also, on each side of the bike, facing rearward, blinking red and blue LEDs that are on whenever the power is on! Yikes! Very disturbing and appropriate only for the coolest of teenager cruising the 'vard seeking adulation from other teens. They would definitely be turned off immediately if I were to buy this bike!

I think I'm really interested in that blue Del Ray. I just need to figure out how to fund it. And son Noah, who's been peeking over my shoulder says I should just make this a begging opportunity- so I guess I could. His suggestion- Help me reduce our country's dependence on foreign oil!

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